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Hundreds of seniors, just like you, have successfully conquered their fear and now use their iPads with confidence. You can do it too!

iPad Lessons from The iPad Man

In Home Tuition

Prefer personal in home tuition? Have one of our iPad experts come to you. We will make sure all of your computer devices are updated, synced and backed up before helping with a personal training experience,

Group Lessons

Our popular Introductory Group Course guarantee to help you conquer your fear and gain confidence with using your iPad. This 3 week hands on course comes complete with large easy to understand notes.

Online Course

Do you want a course you can do as many times as you like in the comfort of your own home? We are launching a special 12 week online iPad course tailor made for seniors. Register you interest now.


SUNSHINE COAST - Mooloolaba Bowls Club

Friday 19th May at 10:00am (SOLD OUT) 

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Wed 31st May at 10:00am 

Free 2 Hour Introductory iPad Lesson

GOLD COAST - Robina Community Centre

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Friday May 26th (10am) - Free Introductory 2 Hour iPad Lesson

Friday June 23rd (10am) - Free Introductory 2 Hour iPad Lesson

What Others Are Saying

Very Professional, Entertaining and Positive!

Before coming to your lesson I wanted to learn more things about my iPhone. I was impressed at being able to alter the size and depth of font and how you can use the microphone to dictate messages instead of using the old digits.I really appreciated your presentation Colin, very professional, entertaining and positive and I thank you so much for the opportunity of attending.

Denise Joy King

I appreciated you keeping the lesson on track

Before this lesson I knew I wasn't getting the most from my iPad and boy did I learn so much in the two hours! When I went home I set my printer up to print from my iPad and iPhone. I used the Reader button to cut out ads, etc. I used the dictionary by holding my finger to move cursor and "look up". I even tried dictating text messages and emails! I also used Siri to set alarms! I appreciated you keeping the lesson on track and have booked to do more!

Wendy Schellhammer

Very good at explaining things whilst showing respect for the individual

I attended the free iPad lesson because I had a lack of overall confidence in handling this device.Colin is very good at explaining things whilst showing respect for the individual. This helped me understand that the operation is based on logic so not to panic and I intend to contact Colin now for private lessons.

Annie O'Rourke

This was a brilliant presentation which was also interesting and amusing!

Before this lesson I had too many issues to mention! I didn't realise how ignorant I was as to the capabilities of the iPad/iPhone. This was a brilliant presentation which was also interesting and amusing. Never dull! I would highly recommend this course to anyone, even those that think they are reasonably knowledgeable.

Elizabeth O'Dwyer

Before your lesson I felt I was out of touch understanding all that is available on my iPad and iPhone & no one who I know has time to go through at a slower pace for me to get ahead.I didn't realise my own voice cOuld be used on my iPad. I feel I have a long way to go to get the understanding from the course I am very willing to try.I enjoyed the way you moved around & made everyone feel they were included and look forward to continue to follow your lessons.

Shandra Egan

Nice informal format yet very informative!

This lessons was excellent with easy to follow step by step instruction, nice informal format yet very informative 👍 The reader button, what a revelation! I learnt to use Siri to send text messages.

Bernadette Huybens

The best teacher I have had in over 70 years on the planet!

Before this lesson I had a lack of knowledge about using an iPhone. I came away realising the power of an iPhone.Colin Dunkerley - The iPad Man is the best teacher I have had in over 70 years on the planet!

Brian Davis

Your Presentation Was Excellent!

I had not used my iPad for a year or so and had forgotten how to access the various programs etc. I had no idea of all the options available to save time and I felt lost when trying to use it and needed to have a refresher lesson.I found the course enlightening and it made the use of the iPad seem simple and there were so many helpful options to use, such as using Siri and changing text to use an accent or umlaut etc. Using 'voice' text was perhaps the biggest insight from your course.Colin, your presentation was excellent! You certainly spoke with liveliness, but at a pace that was easy to follow. You were not put out by having to answer queries from the participants along the way. The whole session was smoothly run and my only complaint was that I could have stayed for another two hours to learn more! I look forward to the 12-week videos to come! Thank you.

Robyn Arrowsmith

Great control of the group!

Great control of the group ....no unnecessary interruptions by participants ...on track ...on time ...good to have support person there to help out too!

Gail brooks