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How To Use iCloud Backup

I have received many questions about iCloud Backup and I hope this short story help you understand it!
Apple offers a service to backup your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to their hard drives located in various buildings around the world. This service is called iCloud Backup.

Because data on your device changes everyday as you add contacts, receive email, take photos etc and this amount of data can get quite big Apple only allows iCloud Backup to occur if you are connected to a WiFi Network.

The reason for this is that sending data over the mobile phone network is very expensive and you normally do not get a very big allowance from your mobile provider. e.g. a standard mobile data plan usually comes with approx 1GB of data and to buy an extra 3GB from Telstra costs $30. In comparison for $30 your average home internet provider gives you 100GB.

If you were able to use iCloud Backup over the mobile phone network everyday when your iPhone or iPad backs up it would diminish your data allowance and it would be highly likely you would end up using all your data very early in the month.

If you use all your data early and do not contact your mobile provider you could end up with a bill in the hundreds of dollars. (my daughter once ran up $140 in a day after using all her data) or you will have to buy more data at an expensive rate.

So what can you do? There are a few options based on what setup you have.
1. If you DO have home WiFi then iCloud Backup should be switched ON. Its automatic and once switched on you don’t need to do anything. It just backs up each time your device is locked (screen off – not totally switched off) and plugged in to recharge.

2. If you DO NOT have home WiFi and DO NOT have a computer then switch iCloud Backup ON but be aware it will warn you when you haven’t backed up for a while. Anytime you get the opportunity to join a friends home WiFi network or the Library’s free WiFi you should go into Settings > iCloud > Backup > and tap “Back Up Now”. Until you connect to a WiFi network you will be reminded how long it has been since you have backed up. Better to back up once in a while than not at all. (OR if you don’t want to be warned about how long it has been you can switch iCloud Backup OFF and only switch it ON when you join a WiFi network and follow the instructions above to “Back Up Now”.)

3. If you DO have a computer but DO NOT have WiFi you can switch iCloud Backup OFF and plug you iPhone or iPad into your computer with iTunes installed. iTunes will back up your device to the computer instead of the iCloud.

4. If you DO have a computer and your iCloud Account is full and you don’t want to pay $1.29/mth (20GB) – $24.99/mth (1TB) to get extra capacity then you can switch iCloud Backup OFF and plug your device into your computer and back it up through iTunes.

My personal recommendation is to make backup as automatic as possible so you don’t forget to do it so check that you have iCloud Backup on. (Settings > iCloud > Backup > ON)
I have met many people who have never plugged their iPad or iPhone into their computers and do not have iCloud Backup on. If your iPhone or iPad is stolen or dropped into water etc then you could lose everything.

Sorry this is so long but I want to make sure you don’t get angry at a system that is there to protect you and has to cater for the many different ways we all connect.
Please leave a comment if you still have questions or even to let me know your setup.

Reading on the iPad

A few years ago I gave my Mum an iPad for Mother’s Day. I must admit she wasn’t overly excited. My Mum never used computers throughout her life and the one she did end up buying five or six years ago didn’t see much use.

What a difference a few years makes. When Mum and Dad were visiting last year we picked them up from the caravan park and were heading out for the day when I was asked to turn around and go back, you see my Mum had left her iPad behind.

A product that she was barely interested in when given to her as a gift had become an indispensable tool that she liked to have with her. What had changed?

Now before you think that her son gives iPad Lessons for a living, she didn’t want them and besides, Mum and Dad at that stage lived in Sydney, so it wasn’t as though I could call around to help. If Mum was going to use an iPad she wanted to figure it out for herself and that she did!

Of course Mum says she doesn’t use the iPad that often, an opinion that Dad doesn’t share… a message I received from Dad said “Mum doesn’t use the iPad very often, except for reading books, shopping, playing games, sending messages, Facetime, checking out facebook, Googling, finding recipes – apart from that not much!”

I had to laugh!

What really impressed me was Mum reading books on the iPad. Mum and Dad’s house is full of books so I didn’t think Mum would give them up in favour of the iPad.

However Mum pointed out “Sometimes I pick up books where the printed text is so small I just put it back on the shelf. With the iPad I can make the text size whatever size I want and I can be carrying around dozens of books at a time.”

She also said that if she ever runs out of anything to read she can download a new book in around 20 seconds.

You don’t have to convince me Mum!

WARNING! Another scam post doing the rounds again today.

WARNING! Another scam post doing the rounds again today. It’s not “like this page to win a car” this time but it’s “like and share this Jetstar page to win a years free flights.” Please don’t fall for this. It’s a marketing scam from an unrelated party to Jetstar collecting your data for advertising. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Usually you can tell if it’s a scam by the number of likes. As an example the real Jetstar page has 400,000 likes and the scammer pretending to be Jetstar has 1,000. Always search for the real site directly if in doubt. Feel free to share this post (and unfortunately you won’t win anything from me either! )

Should You Take Hand Me Down Computers?

Had a client tell me today that their son wanted to give them their old computer. My advice. Say thanks but no. It’s a wonderful gesture but often these computers are very slow so your experience isn’t good. New computers and iPads are really not that expensive and you will enjoy them far more. And please don’t buy a cheap netbook – they are slow when you buy them new let alone a few years down the track!!

Charging Your iPad

Just had a question as to why the iPad was taking so long to charge so thought I’d re-post this. To check the watts of your adapter look underneath where the very small writing is. (and I mean small!!)

Sometimes when you have visitors they accidentally take your 10w adaptor and leave their own 5w adaptor and all of a sudden your iPad takes 10 hours to charge instead of 4-5 hours.

My advice… Label your adapters. I label them with 5w, 10w or 12w so I don’t get them mixed up.


Seniors Week FREE Presentations

Only a day to go before our first Seniors Week free iPad presentation. It has been an incredible year helping so many seniors learn how to use their iPads. If you are yet to see one of our presentations there are still a few tickets left at each of our events.


Many of you have been inspired enough after hearing me present to go out and buy an iPad. The success stories we have heard since then are incredible, from seeing a sister face to face for the first time in 10 years via a FaceTime call through to watching a Grandson’s wedding in the UK live via the Livestream App.

It is very humbling to hear how much progress has been made and we are so proud of your accomplishments. All this from a cutting edge technology that is only four years old.

So thank you for your support and we look forward to helping continue your journey during the next year.

Are you still using Windows XP? Be warned!

Despite years of notice about Microsoft ceasing support for Windows XP as of April this year there are still more than 26% of Windows computers using the discontinued software.

If you are an XP user should you be worried? The answer is yes. Whilst you should not panic, you should exercise more caution than ever before as the security threat to Windows XP users is much higher than any other operating system.

Just one week after Microsoft ceased supporting the platform a major security flaw was publicised. Thankfully Microsoft decided to fix this one but we do not expect to see them fix any more.

So what should you do? Upgrade your existing computer’s software? No. A computer running XP is already very old and slow and will not run new software very well. Buy a new computer? Maybe. There will be a learning curve thanks to the totally different look with Windows 8 but you will be safer.

Or why not look at replacing your computer altogether with an iPad. They don’t need anti-virus software, are light, portable and much easier to use. Technology is not beyond you. Everyone is capable of using these new devices and your don’t have to look far to see how many of your friends are already doing more than they ever dreamed of. Far more than they ever achieved on a computer.

For free advice as to what device may be best for you contact the iPad Man Colin Dunkerley from iPad Lessons on 5444 5338

iOS7 Update Available

The update for Apple’s new iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch operating system has been released and its by far and away the biggest change Apple have ever made to the way your devices look and work.

As of last week 93% of active Apple idevices were operating on Apple’s iOS6 operating system. After just one day it is estimated that more than 20% of those have updated to iOS7 – that would make it the fastest uptake of any new operating system in the history of computers.

Should you update? Yes. Should you update today? No.

It is inevitable that you will update to the new look operating system, in fact if you buy a new iPhone or iPad today you can only get it with the new operating system however as a minimum I suggest waiting until the first update comes out for the new operating system.

iOS7.1 is rumoured to be just weeks away fixing some bugs that exist in this first new release. Not one to follow my own advice I have experienced issues by downloading this update on the first day that I would not want you to go through.

What has changed?

When Apple first released the iPhone, and then the iPad, they had to get us use to touching a piece of glass. They encouraged us by creating “buttons” that simulated the type of button we might push on a tangible item. Then last November they decided it was time to take another step forward.

“When we sat down last November (to work on iOS 7), we understood that people had already become comfortable with touching glass, they didn’t need physical buttons, they understood the benefits,” says Ive. “So there was an incredible liberty in not having to reference the physical world so literally. We were trying to create an environment that was less specific. It got design out of the way.”

The result. A new operating system that gets out of the way leaving more screen space for the things you want to do and less space for menus and buttons. Like anything new it takes some getting use to but the payoff is a seamless user experience that seems more logical.

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