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Restricting access of your iPad to just one App

What do you do when the Grandkids come to visit and want to use your iPad? You might not think twice about letting them use your own device but what if they accidentally delete some of your photos? How can you give a child your device without letting them do anything they want. Well, once set up a simple triple click of your home button can restrict your device to just one application and you can also set time limits!​

The feature is called Guided Access and it is built into every iPad and iPhone. Every parent should be using this but you would be very surprised that most parents don't even know this exists! The next time you have the grandkids visit try this little trick and watch your own kids say "How do you do that?". There is no better feeling than teaching your kids about technology!

Bring your photos back to life in seconds

Technology is taking away the burden of keeping your photos organised writes COLIN DUNKERLEY The iPad Man

During the past twenty years digital cameras have made taking photos very easy. So easy that we seem to have lost control.

Because you are no longer limited by film you can keep clicking to make sure you get the perfect photo. At the time, you are sure one of the shots will be a good one. The only thing is you never get around to picking the “good” one and often your collection of photos becomes bloated with duplicates or many very similar photos that were never deleted.

What started as a wonderful hobby to preserve your memories has become a collection of excess that you rarely share with anyone. With every photo taken the problem keeps getting bigger to the point now where you don’t even know where to start. The thought of dealing with all those photos is overwhelming.

Thankfully technology has come to the rescue.

Many people spend hours trying to delete duplicates manually. You don’t have to. Software exists for both Apple Mac and Windows PC and can be downloaded for free to find and remove your duplicate photos in less than 5 minutes, even if you have thousands of them.

But what about photos that look similar? How to we deal with those? Apple realises that many of our photo collections are full of these similar photos so they have incorporated very clever software into the Photos App that is built into your iPhone or iPad to solve the problem.

This feature is called Memories and it creates a professional slideshow of your photos, timed to music with the touch of one button. It is so smart that it analyses your photos for duplicates and similar photos and skips them in the slideshow.

Finally we can enjoy sharing our photos again without the embarrassment of “I was going to delete that”. This software is magic and will have you enjoying and sharing your photos like you always intended.

Don’t Let Updates Get You Down!

You may be annoyed by always being asked to update your software but The iPad Man – Colin Dunkerley says it’s essential for functionality and security.

Most people do not need to use the latest and greatest features, (although many of these features make using your iPad easier) but you all need to keep the security of your devices up to date and for that reason alone it is recommended that you do updates whenever prompted by your device.Continue reading

How to fix 9 out of 10 problems on an iPad or iPhone

We’ve all been told the old switch something off and back on again to fix things. The surprising thing is that most of the time it works!

The next time your iPad or iPhone mis-behaves try doing a hard reset.

Hold your finger down on the Home Button and the Sleep/Wake Button for 10 seconds until the Apple logo re-appears on the screen.

I find 9 out of 10 issues are solved this way.

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Give us the truth about the NBN: Customer

“Trying to get truth in advertising for the NBN.”

Have not had transparent information from either the NBN or Telstra for more than 2 months about the speed they are delivering to me.

Whilst I’m happy to have the NBN they have not delivered what I ordered and paid for. Telstra have given me a discount because they can’t supply the speed but what a struggle to get the information.

Are you connected to the NBN yet and if so, what speeds are you getting?


How To Sign A Document On An iPad (or iPhone)

Most people don’t realise that you can sign a legally binding document directly from the iPad or iPhone Mail App.

In this video you will see how you can store your signature and insert into any document that you are requested to sign. You can also fill out any document emailed to you using the technique shown in this video.

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How much time and printing will we all save!!

How Many Recipe Books Do You Need?

Find out why Colin Dunkerley – The iPad Man – thinks your iPad makes the perfect kitchen accessory.

 You all love food! So much so that you collect recipes as if you live for 1,000 years! You know I’m right. Most kitchens I visit have a small cupboard filled with recipe books, magazines and those hand written recipes passed around by friends and family members.

 So how many of these recipes have you cooked? The trouble with recipe books and magazines is that you can’t find the recipe you’re looking for when you want it. Which magazine did you see that great recipe in?

 The solution to finding recipes when you want them is to search for them and there is no better way than using you iPad in the kitchen. The internet has thousands of recipe dedicated websites and a quick search of your iPad’s App Store will also reveal thousands of results for recipe Apps. Within those Apps are millions of recipes. In fact the BigOven App has over 350,000 recipes on its own!

 It doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian, vegan, diabetic or if you are looking for gluten free, Paleo or have any other dietary requirement you can find hundreds of Apps that can cater for your specific needs. Most of the brands you know have a recipe App on the iPad and a lot of them you can control with your voice so your iPad doesn’t get dirty.

 No endless searching through the pages of cookbooks and magazines. Just the simple act of searching your iPad and seconds later making a choice. This can result in less waste and an incredible new world of flavours as you leave your comfort zone and try new and delicious recipes based on the search results and reviews.

 So what do you do with all those recipe books and magazines?. Recently I found it very liberating to throw out all of my old recipe magazines and most of my cookbooks freeing up valuable cupboard space in the kitchen.

 Your new problem is how do you save all these recipes that your friends are now sharing with you through emails and Facebook.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its the Cloud

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its the Cloud

Funny thing about the Cloud, its not actually in the sky.

You have no doubt heard the term Cloud. But what is it?

“The Cloud” is actually tens of thousands of computers connected to each other in a very secure building and it is estimated that there are more than 100,000 of these buildings around the world.

Companies like Amazon, Dropbox, Apple, Microsoft & Google plus too many others to mention build these incredible data centres to provide us with the services we now find on our computers, tablets and smartphones.

The Cloud has been around for a very long time, though in the past it was known as Network Computing. With the proliferation of the internet, especially mobile internet, the term has been replaced with the Cloud. 

“There is a lot of debate about is the cloud safe to use – particularly around security.” Says Colin Dunkerley of iPadLessons.com.au

“However I see more issues with viruses and passwords on our own computers than with the security of these big companies.”

“You are more likely to be burgled or have a hard drive fail than to have your data hacked from these billion dollar companies that have hundreds, if not thousands of dedicated staff protecting our data”

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