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Highly Recommend Colin As A Educator

I thought I was reasonably computer literate but just needed to "discover" the usage/functions of my iPad. Fortunately for me Colin Dunkerley was running a 3 week course so I enrolled.

What a revelation!! Colin is a natural born educator. He has a rich background of computer experience and information technology and is very knowledgable in all aspects. He has a sensitivity awareness of each person's needs and responds appropriately to their questions. His lesson delivery is concise, practical, inclusive, informative and very easily understood. I am Astounded at the many functions of this little "machine".

I would highly recommend Colin as person and his lessons in computing to all interested people with or without an iPad.

Roslyn Tilley

Ability to deliver concise information

Prior to this lesson I didn't have much knowledge with the iPad. I learnt so much and can now do more with my photos. Colin you definitely have the ability to deliver in a very plain concise and understandable way. Excellent!


You are a great teacher!

Before this session I had issues with putting emails into separate, named folders. You are a great teacher to many people and are very knowledgable. Well done!


Friendly Learning Atmosphere

Colin's lessons provided a friendly learning atmosphere. He was able to answer everyone questions addressed all problems in the session. The two hour session feels as if it went very quickly. Thank you Colin, you are a very good teacher.

Bruce Swanson

Very attentive to my personal questions.

You provided easy to follow tutorials, and gave full attention to personal questions that I had. Very informative!

Helen Thomas

Thoroughly recommend these lessons!

Colin you explained everything in simple terms that was easily understood. I was informed on the sending and sharing of photos which I believe will come in great use. Thank you for 5 very interesting lessons and answering any questions I had. Thoroughly recommend these lessons!

June Winter

Lessons are a must for anyone who owns a iPad!

Colin you were very helpful and delivered a presentation in which was very easy to understand. I think these lessons are a must for anyone who has a iPad or thinking about purchasing one. I definitely think I need to purchase one for my own in the future.

Many thanks

Joan Drabsch

Sign me up for the next course!

I have had an iPad for a couple of years now and used it mainly for emails, Safari and games. Colin has now shown me new tips and useful knowledge on the iPad that I'll be able to now use in the future. I absolutely love the photo session! Colin has a superb ability to be clear and concise when delivering his presentation. If there is a course for more advanced iPad users I am now ready to put my name down for it.

Helga Gteow

Development of useful clever tips

I really looked forward for the lesson at hand. From the lesson I was able to develop basic knowledge, but also was able to pick up so many clever useful tips. Colin presented in a clear and simple to understand language.

Glynnis Schwarzel

Able to convert confusing IT language

Colin came to our home to sort out the issues I was having with my iPad. Whilst he was present I came to realisation that I needed to attend his lessons in order to operate it successfully. So I booked 5 lessons with Colin. I was pleased with Colin's patience and understanding. He was able to convert confusing IT language so I was able to better understand.

Thank you Colin. I may need you again.

Helen Home

Very Instructive and patient

My biggest issue before todays lesson was the set up and use of Face time. Although I feel more confident with this now my greatest gain from this lesson was how to use Siri. Colin was very instructive and patient.

Anne Brookesmith

Superb Instructional Style of Delivery

My only knowledge of the ipad is send and receiving emails, read the paper and use google. Todays lesson taught me to use applications and many things I didn't know was available previously. Colin delivered his presentation in a superb instructional style. You have a good understanding of our limitations.

Ray Dempsey

Easy to understand and interesting

I feared that I was unable to use the ipad and I had troubles with finger placement before todays lesson. This lesson was easily understood and very interesting it gave me the ability to finger touch correctly and I discovered the best positions and angels for the ipad. I am now more interested in using my ipad them I was previously when I was gifted it.

Judy Parenty & Michel Parenty

I got over the fear

I feared the privacy of Facebook and found difficulty in using Facebook in general. This lesson has helped me get over the fear and taught me how to share what I discover on Facebook. Thank you Colin, for your very passionate presentation, it was delivered clearly and above all thank you for being patient with us oldies.

Deidne mcDonnell

Happy clear presentation

Previous to this lesson I had difficulty understanding how to use Facebook and navigate myself around it. I have come to realisation that Facebook is now the new internet and I have learnt about the settings available for security. Overall Colin you delivered a clear presentation and I was really happy with it!

Trish Hazzard

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

The concept of everyone being able to see my photos and posts on Facebook had made me afraid to use it. I now understand how Facebook works and how to adjust the settings so my posts aren't visible to the public. Thank you Colin, you explained everything in a clear manner and made it exceptionally easy to understand. You were patient and made everyone feel excepted to ask as many questions as possible, even if they seemed "stupid". Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

Lynne Mccalliog

I liked being 'Hands on'

I felt as if I was confident with Facebook prior to this lesson. I was surprised to find how much more there was to know and I am keen to use the knowledge I gained from this lesson in the future. The lesson was useful and constructive. I liked the 'hands on' lesson you provided. I would also like to add that your voice delivery was excellent.

Suzanne Gardiner

Knowing how to use the ipad gives me much enjoyment

My issues before todays lesson on Facebook was privacy. However I have now gained the knowledge to make sure my settings are always correct. I am so pleased you in the local paper for lessons. Knowing how to use the ipad has given me much enjoyment

Beth Manmif

Colin your always and Inspiration

Before todays lesson I had issues with the privacy on facebook. This lesson was informative and I have now gained the knowledge of privacy and facebook controls. Colin your an inspiration. Each course I attend just doesn't seem long enough - but its not negative.

Christine Endersby

Absolutely Inspirational

This lesson was absolutely inspirational. Thank you do much Colin and Tianne for wonderfully a produced presentation.

Jenny Cameron

I received Lots of new Information

I had complications with transferring photos from the computer to ipad and vise versa before todays lesson. I can now say I was provided with lots of new information from this positive lesson. Colin had great delivery and was easily understood.

Helen Tetis

Absolutely mind blowing lesson

I simply must purchase the new 13" ipad NOW. Colin was a great tutor, very informative and patient with us "oldies". Absolutely mind blowing experience!!

Jean Stringer

Excellent 2 hour lesson

Im very new to the ipad, and prior to this lesson I wasn't aware of photo maintenance after I was taking photos. I learnt so much from this experience especially how to create albums and folders. Colin presented this lesson in a easy to follow manner. I appreciate being able to take home the notes from this lesson to follow and refresh my memory in the future.

lyndy Chalmers

Better understanding of the icloud

Previously I had difficulty understanding the difference between camera role and photo stream, I also found I was keeping to many unnecessary photos on my ipad. This lesson was clear and informative and gave me more insight about the icloud.

Elizabeth Jones

I feel confident after the photo lesson

Prior to the lesson I had difficulty with organising photos and transferring photos from emails/messages to the ipad. This lesson was very informative and easy to understand, that I now feel confident enough to work it out for myself in the future.

Helen Rolles

Looking foward to the next lesson!

After todays lesson I feel more confident with photo and album arrangement on the ipad. Colin delivered this presentation fantastically and with clear instructions. The two hours went too quickly. Im looking forward to the next lesson!

Tanis Dickson

Informative and easily understood

This lesson was beneficial as I gained insight on album arrangement which I was having troubles with before hand. Colin was informative and easily understood.

Judy Tait

Clear Instructive presentation

I haven't been active with this device. However resulted with new insight on how to create folders/albums and learnt how to use Siri and navigate photos on a map. Thank you so much Colin for your clear instructive presentation. It was very entertaining!

Carolyn Camilleri

Genuine fun approach

Colin delivered this lesson with enthusiasm and a fun approach. Im reluctant to say I have learnt my way around the apple device.

Kathy Sivell

Impressive Presentation

I lacked familiarity with organising photos on my ipad before todays lesson. However I have now gained knowledge with how to create folders and albums. I was very impressed with the way colin presented.

Kate Sloan

I have converted to apple

I had difficulty with putting photos into albums and being organised before this lesson. I enjoyed Colins enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for apple. I can gladly say I've converted to apple.

Kristine Woodford

Enjoyed it all!

Before todays lesson I had issues with the transfer and organisation of photos from my ipad to computer. The photograph lesson gave me insight in creating folders and albums and how to use Siri. Colin's presentation was very informative and he presented in a easy to under stand manner. I enjoyed it all.

Jane Ford

Nice informal format yet very informative!

This lessons was excellent with easy to follow step by step instruction, nice informal format yet very informative! The reader button, what a revelation! I learnt to use Siri to send text messages.

Bernadette Huybens

This was a brilliant presentation which was also interesting and amusing!

Before this lesson I had too many issues to mention! I didn't realise how ignorant I was as to the capabilities of the iPad/iPhone. This was a brilliant presentation which was also interesting and amusing. Never dull! I would highly recommend this course to anyone, even those that think they are reasonably knowledgeable.

Elizabeth O'Dwyer

Lesson was well organised and thought out with lots of tips and help!

Prior to this lesson I have just been merrily finding my way around the iPad but I certainly picked up lots of tips. Especially around Siri and the fast typing and I loved learning how to get rid of the adverts while reading on the net. iPad Lessons was well organised and thought out with lots of tips and help for the older student. Very interesting morning!

Christina Kay

Very good at explaining things whilst showing respect for the individual

I attended the free iPad lesson because I had a lack of overall confidence in handling this device.

Colin is very good at explaining things whilst showing respect for the individual. This helped me understand that the operation is based on logic so not to panic and I intend to contact Colin now for private lessons.

Annie O'Rourke

I appreciated you keeping the lesson on track

Before this lesson I knew I wasn't getting the most from my iPad and boy did I learn so much in the two hours! When I went home I set my printer up to print from my iPad and iPhone. I used the Reader button to cut out ads, etc. I used the dictionary by holding my finger to move cursor and "look up". I even tried dictating text messages and emails! I also used Siri to set alarms! I appreciated you keeping the lesson on track and have booked to do more!

Wendy Schellhammer

Very Professional, Entertaining and Positive!

Before coming to your lesson I wanted to learn more things about my iPhone. I was impressed at being able to alter the size and depth of font and how you can use the microphone to dictate messages instead of using the old digits.

I really appreciated your presentation Colin, very professional, entertaining and positive and I thank you so much for the opportunity of attending.

Denise Joy King

Your presentation was relaxed, fun and extremely informative!

I have used my iPad for three years and never come close to using it's potential. I came to the free lesson wanting to discover what this clever device can do and I didn't realise how much I didn't know.

Your presentation was relaxed, fun and extremely informative! You are one of few people with a great knowledge of your subject and the ability teach.

Doug Mcilveen

Great control of the group!

Great control of the group ....no unnecessary interruptions by participants ...on track ...on time ...good to have support person there to help out too!

Gail brooks

The best teacher I have had in over 70 years on the planet!

Before this lesson I had a lack of knowledge about using an iPhone. I came away realising the power of an iPhone.

Colin Dunkerley - The iPad Man is the best teacher I have had in over 70 years on the planet!

Brian Davis

Very easy to understand and willing to be patient

I needed to learn how to organise my photos, take good photos and edit videos. In this lesson on iPhone/iPad Photography I learned just how incredibly smart my new iPad is.

Colin is very easy to understand and willing to be patient, answering our questions fully.

Sandy Shield

Came away totally confident!

I didn't know how to use some of the featured headings for the camera, i.e.: time-lapse; plus previously had no success with the pano feature.

To come away totally confident in how to use these features, plus put together an album and title it, then play it. Was such an amazing outcome from an awesome "hands on" lesson. Thank you so much Colin.

Margaret A Mair

Very informative, enthusiastic and patient with a group who varied in their abilities

As always, very informative, enthusiastic and patient with a group who varied in their abilities as we learnt how to use the camera mode and controls with one on one feedback as we moved around outside.

Explanations were clear and you are always careful to ensure that each person understands the points you are making. As a retired teacher, I recognise that you have all the teaching skills at your fingertips which are constantly improving as you progress your business with enormous enthusiasm.

Always keen to learn more about most topics you cover.

I certainly found the Refresher Course for Beginners re-enforced and refreshed my memory in areas covered 12 months ago and was most worthwhile. Maybe refresher courses in all your lessons 12 months after we have first attended the original lessons would be worth considering. I would certainly appreciate that.

Barbara Murray

Colin and Tianne always treat us like friends, not Seniors trying to learn

I loved learning everything about using the iPhone camera and how awesome the use of time lapse photography can be.

Colin and Tianne always treat us like friends, not Seniors trying to learn. They are both very patient as well as being a wealth of knowledge; with a good dose of humour and understanding thrown in! The colour printed notes are excellent and oh so helpful for later. Thank you both . Thanks also for the unexpected Christmas gift.

Just keep it coming, there is so much we don't even know that we don't know!

Deidre McDonnell

Colin I'm president of your fan club.

After attending the Photo editing and tips lesson I am looking forward to photographing all the victims over Christmas!

Betty Markkanen

I was surprised out how easy it was!

I recently attended the Photography for iPad/iPhone lesson not knowing how to put together a collection of photo's to make it interesting to show someone else. I was surprised out how easy it was to put a story together. Just need to practice what we learnt!

Colin, is very good a getting the message across which is made easier by the fact that we have an instruction sheet which sets out every step. This is easy to follow due to the amount of thought that has gone into constructing the instruction sheet with photo's to follow also.

Patricia Corbett

You have a clear & precise method of teaching that is easy to understand, delivered with humour making it very interesting and entertaining.

Mar 2016


Easy to follow tutorials with attention to personal questions

Easy to follow tutorials with attention to personal questions and after hours follow up service. Very informative.

Helen T – Mountain Creek – 14th Aug

Colin is understanding and will patiently answer even the most simple questions. A good teacher!

Colin’s lessons provide a friendly learning atmosphere in which to learn. Everyone’s questions and problems were addressed in his sessions. Two hour sessions just went so fast

Colin is understanding and will patiently answer even the most simple questions. A good teacher!

Bruce Swanson – Pelican Waters – 14th Aug

Testimonials From Our 1 Hour Presentations

I thought your presentation was fantastic

I would like to know all the benefits my iPhone can do and liked the knowledge your shared in your presentation.

In fact I thought your presentation was fantastic so have gone ahead and booked my first lesson!

Annette Rezek Alexandra Headland Probus Club

I was amazed at what could be achieved!

I have been trying to negotiate everything the iPad/Android has to offer. After seeing your presentation I realised the fact that it may be better to marry my iPhone with an iPad so it is easier for me to use, rather than a Samsung tablet!

I have nothing but positive criticism for your presentation! I was amazed at what could be achieved and would like to learn more about everything!

Joan Revell Alexandra Headland Probus Club

Thoroughly Enjoyed Your Presentation

As a senior retired High School teacher, I was virtually computer/ mobile phone illiterate ! It was a welcome change to be instructed by someone OTHER than my grandkids lol!

I was surprised how much Voice control will be the technical future! I have an iPhone and Samsung tablet so it looks like I should have an iPad when seeking a replacement in the future to keep it easier to learn!

Your presentation was well planned and presented. I now almost understand the principle of Bluetooth and iCloud. Your explanation was clear and all we needed. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.

Sassy Stickland Alexandra Headland Probus Club

An excellent presentation

Thank you for showing me how I need to keep up with the latest technology of possible. I thought you delivered an excellent presentation, well received by the Probians. Can’t think of a suggestion to improve it. Well done!

Gabrielle Donaldson Alexandra Headland Probus Club

Highly Informative and Entertaining. Excellent Presentation.

I was sceptical of what The iPad Man could show me as I am a windows person.

Your clarification of Apple's innovation and its integration, plus the introduction of voice to easily control these devices got my attention.

I was trained in presentations by 3M in the 80's and they are super critical. Your presentation was excellent gaining full attention immediately, very visual, great and fluent use of your props, highly informative and entertaining with very practical examples of how voice can benefit all ages. Excellent presentation.

Peter Isherwood Alexandra Headland Probus Club

Brilliant presentation!

Before your presentation I knew that there was lot more to learn and you proved me right, there is so much to learn. Brilliant presentation!

Jan Brown Alexandra Headland Probus Club

First Class Presentation

Your presentation showed me the value of using Siri and gave me food for thought in what I can use for the future.

It was a first class presentation, friendly, humorous and you imparted good knowledge confidently.

I will now be spending more time "playing" with voice!

Eric Simpson Alexandra Headland Probus Club

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