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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its the Cloud

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its the Cloud

Funny thing about the Cloud, its not actually in the sky.

You have no doubt heard the term Cloud. But what is it?

“The Cloud” is actually tens of thousands of computers connected to each other in a very secure building and it is estimated that there are more than 100,000 of these buildings around the world.

Companies like Amazon, Dropbox, Apple, Microsoft & Google plus too many others to mention build these incredible data centres to provide us with the services we now find on our computers, tablets and smartphones.

The Cloud has been around for a very long time, though in the past it was known as Network Computing. With the proliferation of the internet, especially mobile internet, the term has been replaced with the Cloud. 

“There is a lot of debate about is the cloud safe to use – particularly around security.” Says Colin Dunkerley of

“However I see more issues with viruses and passwords on our own computers than with the security of these big companies.”

“You are more likely to be burgled or have a hard drive fail than to have your data hacked from these billion dollar companies that have hundreds, if not thousands of dedicated staff protecting our data”

Say Goodbye To The Mouse

When Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, first saw a version of the computer mouse he was amazed. He instantly knew he was looking at the future of computing and no personal computer has shipped without one since.

But how times change. In 2007 Apple launched the iPhone and three years later the iPad. These two devices have changed the way we interact with computers forever.

Six years and seven hundred million devices later there are more touch screen phones and tablets sold than personal computers.

And how do we control them?

As Steve Jobs said “We’re going to use the best pointing device in the world. And we are all born with them. We are going to use our fingers.”

This simple decision to forgo the mouse has allowed these devices to be incredibly

portable and powerful. There has never been an easier way to control anything. Its natural to use and by applying simple intuition we instinctively know what to touch.

By combining a few fingers the level of control is absolutely amazing. Spreading two fingers on the screen zooms in on the photo you are looking at. A quick double tap with your finger and the text you are reading magically becomes larger.

The mouse served us well despite the love-hate relationship we have had with it. The mouse brought computers into our homes but now its time to say goodbye.

It’s time to welcome the fast, easy, responsive interaction that comes with touching exactly what you want with your finger.

The best pointing device has always been our fingers.

Colin Dunkerley regularly presents free demonstrations of the iPad to Retirement Villages, Computer Clubs & Probus Clubs throughout the Sunshine Coast. Call 041 44 10 100 to book Colin for your club or retirement village.

It never to late to learn

Never Too Late To Learn

Never Too Late To Learn

Every day someone shares with me a story of how the iPad has made an impact on their quality of life, particularly when it comes to communicating with friends and loved ones. At a time when mobility may be affected, or the relatives may by many miles away, this technology presents you with the magical ability to hold your loved ones in your hands as you communicate with them wherever they are in the world, and you can do it for free.

On the contrary there are also the stories of a friend or child who has told Mum or Dad that they are too old to understand the latest technology. What a load of Bollocks! Unfortunately some people buy into this story and miss out on the opportunity to communicate face to face, the ability to be entertained, the opportunity to play and learn.

Thankfully though most ignore this bad advice and have a go. Its never to late to learn and there are so many ways that this latest technology can contribute to your life in a positive way. Keep exploring, keep communicating, keep sharp and most of all keep having fun.

Reading on the iPad

A few years ago I gave my Mum an iPad for Mother’s Day. I must admit she wasn’t overly excited. My Mum never used computers throughout her life and the one she did end up buying five or six years ago didn’t see much use.

What a difference a few years makes. When Mum and Dad were visiting last year we picked them up from the caravan park and were heading out for the day when I was asked to turn around and go back, you see my Mum had left her iPad behind.

A product that she was barely interested in when given to her as a gift had become an indispensable tool that she liked to have with her. What had changed?

Now before you think that her son gives iPad Lessons for a living, she didn’t want them and besides, Mum and Dad at that stage lived in Sydney, so it wasn’t as though I could call around to help. If Mum was going to use an iPad she wanted to figure it out for herself and that she did!

Of course Mum says she doesn’t use the iPad that often, an opinion that Dad doesn’t share… a message I received from Dad said “Mum doesn’t use the iPad very often, except for reading books, shopping, playing games, sending messages, Facetime, checking out facebook, Googling, finding recipes – apart from that not much!”

I had to laugh!

What really impressed me was Mum reading books on the iPad. Mum and Dad’s house is full of books so I didn’t think Mum would give them up in favour of the iPad.

However Mum pointed out “Sometimes I pick up books where the printed text is so small I just put it back on the shelf. With the iPad I can make the text size whatever size I want and I can be carrying around dozens of books at a time.”

She also said that if she ever runs out of anything to read she can download a new book in around 20 seconds.

You don’t have to convince me Mum!

WARNING! Another scam post doing the rounds again today.

WARNING! Another scam post doing the rounds again today. It’s not “like this page to win a car” this time but it’s “like and share this Jetstar page to win a years free flights.” Please don’t fall for this. It’s a marketing scam from an unrelated party to Jetstar collecting your data for advertising. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Usually you can tell if it’s a scam by the number of likes. As an example the real Jetstar page has 400,000 likes and the scammer pretending to be Jetstar has 1,000. Always search for the real site directly if in doubt. Feel free to share this post (and unfortunately you won’t win anything from me either! )

Should You Take Hand Me Down Computers?

Had a client tell me today that their son wanted to give them their old computer. My advice. Say thanks but no. It’s a wonderful gesture but often these computers are very slow so your experience isn’t good. New computers and iPads are really not that expensive and you will enjoy them far more. And please don’t buy a cheap netbook – they are slow when you buy them new let alone a few years down the track!!

Charging Your iPad

Just had a question as to why the iPad was taking so long to charge so thought I’d re-post this. To check the watts of your adapter look underneath where the very small writing is. (and I mean small!!)

Sometimes when you have visitors they accidentally take your 10w adaptor and leave their own 5w adaptor and all of a sudden your iPad takes 10 hours to charge instead of 4-5 hours.

My advice… Label your adapters. I label them with 5w, 10w or 12w so I don’t get them mixed up.

Seniors Week FREE Presentations

Only a day to go before our first Seniors Week free iPad presentation. It has been an incredible year helping so many seniors learn how to use their iPads. If you are yet to see one of our presentations there are still a few tickets left at each of our events.


Many of you have been inspired enough after hearing me present to go out and buy an iPad. The success stories we have heard since then are incredible, from seeing a sister face to face for the first time in 10 years via a FaceTime call through to watching a Grandson’s wedding in the UK live via the Livestream App.

It is very humbling to hear how much progress has been made and we are so proud of your accomplishments. All this from a cutting edge technology that is only four years old.

So thank you for your support and we look forward to helping continue your journey during the next year.