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Please help me stop this Telstra Store practice.

You know I have had so many customers experience this misleading and deceptive conduct from a Telstra Store and it happened again in May to another wonderful client of mine. Cathy was so enthusiastic about her new iPhone and the customer service she had received from a Telstra Store and shared with me how they gave her "free" accessories including a wireless charger, bluetooth speaker and phone case. Unfortunately I had to burst the great service bubble when I told her she will be billed for those "free" accessories. She couldn't believe it when we looked at the bill and there was a $15 per mth charge for these "free" accessories. $360 over 2 years for accessories valued at about $120.

It seems my previous posts have not gotten the attention of Telstra or the ACCC or State governing bodies who require individual complaints. Maybe by getting some signatures on a petition we can get someone to take some action. If you have experienced this or know someone that has please sign and share so we can get this conduct stopped.

I think this post needs the Angry face!

Please help me stop this Telstra Store practice. You know I have had so many customers experience this misleading and...

Posted by The IPAD Man on Sunday, June 24, 2018

Give us the truth about the NBN: Customer

“Trying to get truth in advertising for the NBN.”

Have not had transparent information from either the NBN or Telstra for more than 2 months about the speed they are delivering to me.

Whilst I’m happy to have the NBN they have not delivered what I ordered and paid for. Telstra have given me a discount because they can’t supply the speed but what a struggle to get the information.

Are you connected to the NBN yet and if so, what speeds are you getting?…/give-us-the-t…/3083934/

Say Goodbye To The Mouse

When Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, first saw a version of the computer mouse he was amazed. He instantly knew he was looking at the future of computing and no personal computer has shipped without one since.

But how times change. In 2007 Apple launched the iPhone and three years later the iPad. These two devices have changed the way we interact with computers forever.

Six years and seven hundred million devices later there are more touch screen phones and tablets sold than personal computers.

And how do we control them?

As Steve Jobs said “We’re going to use the best pointing device in the world. And we are all born with them. We are going to use our fingers.”

This simple decision to forgo the mouse has allowed these devices to be incredibly

portable and powerful. There has never been an easier way to control anything. Its natural to use and by applying simple intuition we instinctively know what to touch.

By combining a few fingers the level of control is absolutely amazing. Spreading two fingers on the screen zooms in on the photo you are looking at. A quick double tap with your finger and the text you are reading magically becomes larger.

The mouse served us well despite the love-hate relationship we have had with it. The mouse brought computers into our homes but now its time to say goodbye.

It’s time to welcome the fast, easy, responsive interaction that comes with touching exactly what you want with your finger.

The best pointing device has always been our fingers.

Colin Dunkerley regularly presents free demonstrations of the iPad to Retirement Villages, Computer Clubs & Probus Clubs throughout the Sunshine Coast. Call 041 44 10 100 to book Colin for your club or retirement village.