February 8, 2019

Learn how to check what apps are using the most battery on your device. Let me know which app it is for you and how many hours and minutes over 10 days!

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Highly Recommend Colin As A Educator

Roslyn Tilley

I thought I was reasonably computer literate but just needed to "discover" the usage/functions of my iPad. Fortunately for me Colin Dunkerley was running a 3 week course so I enrolled.

What a revelation!! Colin is a natural born educator. He has a rich background of computer experience and information technology and is very knowledgable in all aspects. He has a sensitivity awareness of each person's needs and responds appropriately to their questions. His lesson delivery is concise, practical, inclusive, informative and very easily understood. I am Astounded at the many functions of this little "machine".

I would highly recommend Colin as person and his lessons in computing to all interested people with or without an iPad.

Thoroughly recommend these lessons!

June Winter

Colin you explained everything in simple terms that was easily understood. I was informed on the sending and sharing of photos which I believe will come in great use. Thank you for 5 very interesting lessons and answering any questions I had. Thoroughly recommend these lessons!

About the author 

Colin Dunkerley

Colin Dunkerley, better known as The iPad Man - has been helping seniors learn how to use the iPad and iPhone since 2012. More than 1800 seniors have either enjoyed his one on one tuition or participated in small group courses to improve their iPad skills. Plus more than 12,500 people follow his tips & updates on Facebook. (facebook.com/theipadman)

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